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Simona Bisogni
Simona Bisogni

To think that when she was a child they had to chase her to make her study! It really is true that things come at the right time... even the desire to study! Simona Bisogni has been working in the field of aesthetics and beauty for almost twenty years.

Already at the age of 6, she understood that her path would be to take care of people's beauty. From a young age, she was attracted to anything that could transform and improve the appearance of people. Her love of music and her passion for technology have always been with her. Inherent in her is the desire to go fast: fast and good is her motto. Although she was not a child of art, she chose the path of beauty... it was already written in her DNA: her parents, with their professions, both contributed to beautifying their surroundings. Her mother, a seamstress since her teenage years, transformed simple "pieces of cloth" into works of art, tailor-made for her clients. And her father had the ability to imagine and then transform into elegant homes, houses that to everyone's eyes looked like real hovels. Thanks to this daily sharing of aesthetic sense with her family, it is easy to understand how Simona has an innate love for beauty and personalisation, and she has managed to transfer this love into her work. She opened her first beauty centre in San Brizio (Spoleto) in 2005 at the age of just 23 and dedicated herself to its growth.

In 2009 until 2012 she was commissioned as a beauty technician by a major machinery and cosmetics company, which allowed her to come into contact with numerous beauticians. Each time she entered an institute, she realised what strengths and weaknesses there were to be worked on, and she used to give advice that soon yielded excellent results. This led to her desire to pass on her knowledge and organisational skills to her colleagues to help them achieve their goals. She has been working in the field of permanent make-up and visage dermopigmentation for 15 years, but this is not her only passion in the professional field.

In 2019, she was a permanent makeup teacher for a major company in the industry. In the course of her studies, an unusual encounter took place in 2013... the one with numbers. Once again, no one would have imagined that Simona would have a passion for this subject, since in her school days her teachers had doubted her abilities related to scientific subjects such as mathematics and physics. But fortunately they were wrong. From that moment on, in fact, Simona understood that her business, born in 2005, was no longer a sole proprietorship but a small/medium-sized enterprise: it was time to guide it not only thanks to her intuitions and sensations as she had done until then, but she had to manage it through the study of business numbers, to make it grow faster and above all lead it in a more correct and entrepreneurial way.

From 2016 to 2019 she attended 3 years of master's degree in business management for beauty centres, read numerous books on marketing and business management. This has allowed her to be able to update and specialise her staff and make her business structured so that each employee performs their task optimally and efficiently.

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