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In the beginning there was movement. Aristotle dixit. The motionless motor, the tuning fork of all becoming.

Francesco Diotalevi and Matteo Magnoni, graduates in Motor Sciences, apparently have nothing to do with philosophy. Yet this is where they borrowed the name of their startup. Movens, a cooperative society that, among other things, deals with physical exercise for patients with stabilised chronic diseases.

And then there's Elena Pace, a graduate in Economics and Management, Mattia Sartini and Roberto Caldari, who are completing the Uniurb course in Motor Sciences. We are in Pesaro, in Piazza Tarquinio Provini 6. A consistent address, in fact Tarquinio Provini was a motorcycling champion, who won two world titles and raced the legendary Benelli.

Our main activity concerns patients with stabilised chronic diseases. We take care of the next step after rehabilitation. An example: a patient diagnosed with diabetes is taken into the care of the health system, which follows treatment protocols. Once the condition is stabilised, we come in and try to improve the quality of life. The patient then becomes our potential client. Whoever comes to us is provided with a medical record in order to be profiled. We have a doctor specialising in sports medicine who assesses the dosage and any concomitant pathologies. In short, we take an anamnesis. This is followed by health screening through the administration of validated questionnaires, anthropometric and body composition evaluations, motor tests for functional assessment and tests to measure the capacity of the cardiorespiratory and muscular systems. Hence the doctor establishes a motor programme that our health personal trainers conduct in a clinical kinesiology process. Movens is halfway between treatment and fitness and we want to contribute, given our university curricula, to reducing the gap between the health system and physical activity.

We are on the side of a cultural change that makes people realise the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to health, combining good exercise with a healthy diet and lifestyle. "If we were able to provide everyone with the right amount of nutrition and exercise, neither by default nor in excess, we would have found the road to health." Hippocrates.

Physical activity in menopause.

Ageing is associated with physiological decline, especially a decrease in bone mineral density and lean body mass, with a concomitant increase in body fat and central adiposity. It is possible that the onset of menopause may increase the physiological decline associated with ageing and inactivity. In addition, a higher incidence of metabolic syndrome (an accumulation of cardiovascular disease risk factors including obesity, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, hypertension, and high fasting glucose) has been shown in middle-aged women during the postmenopausal period.

This is partly due to drastic changes in body composition, but also to a change in physical activity levels, which play an essential role in combating the physiological decline associated with ageing. Maintaining adequate levels of physical activity can lead to increased longevity and reduced risk of metabolic diseases along with other chronic diseases. Receiving a diagnosis of osteoporosis can create fear and uncertainty. The risk of death in women with a vertebral fracture is 2.7 times higher than in those without fractures and one in five women who have a vertebral fracture will have another vertebral fracture within a year. Osteoporosis along with a fall can also lead to hip fractures, which can cause pain, functional impairment and loss of independence, and over 25% of individuals who suffer a hip fracture will die within the next year.

Guidelines for the management of osteoporosis include diet, exercise and pharmacotherapy, but other behaviours, such as the safe performance of activities of daily living, may also need to be considered.

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