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Fabrizio Renzoni
Fabrizio Renzoni

Before obtaining my O.D. in Osteopathy, I obtained a diploma in bionatural disciplines, sports masseur, massophysiotherapy, and many other courses to be able to consciously deal with those in need of support.

After my training and work experiences, I have increasingly immersed myself in a biodynamic approach "traditional fluid osteopathy" in which we are at the service of and listen to health, which is always present.

For the osteopath, life is movement, movement is life.

Without movement, life cannot be expressed. The founding father of Osteopathy, Andrew Taylor Still, already stated in the second half of the 19th century that 'life is movement, movement is life'. With these few words Still wanted to summarise all the studies he had been carrying out for many years, which had led him to believe that the assessment of movement was fundamental to knowing the quality of life. Still had an enormous thirst for knowledge, he wanted to know more and more about how the extraordinary organism that is the human body works. He himself spoke of a Great Architect, thinking about who could have created such a sophisticated living being. He never ceased to study the human body, to go deeper and deeper into his research to discover as many details as possible that would give him a better understanding of the human being. As a result of trauma, postural defects, illness, or simply the passage of time, our body undergoes changes in the possibility of movement. This can occur on a global level, showing greater difficulty in moving in the space around us. Or on a more specific level, showing a loss or alteration in the movement of a structure of our body. In fact, as we delve deeper into this issue, we realise that the variation in our global health is determined by a variation in the function of one or more components of our body. And an altered function, in particular, implies a difficulty in the movement of that structure. At this point it is important to point out that when I speak of an alteration in movement I am referring to both its quantity and its quality.

In fact, it is very important to investigate the presence of movement restrictions (i.e., non-physiological decreases). But it is also essential to assess the quality of any residual movement and of the tissues of the structures involved. This second component cannot be neglected in any way, because it gives us very important indications about the health status of that structure and possible dysfunctional correlations.

Movement: mobility and motility.

Precisely because of the principle of the unity of the person, this approach applies to all the structures of our body, not just joints such as the hip, shoulder or intervertebral joints. More generally, this approach applies to all structures at all levels, to their relationship of movement, of slippage, like an organ in relation to its lining, or a nerve trunk in relation to contiguous structures. We are talking about the MOBILITY of a structure. Indeed, any component of our body must be able to move with respect to its surroundings in order to perform its function. Otherwise, there is a real risk that its functional capacity will be diminished, if not interrupted. Furthermore, this concept is equally applicable to the individual structure, i.e., its vital capacity, its expression of intrinsic movement. This is an index of the health of the structure itself, like the basic activity of a muscle or organ. We are talking about the MOTILITY of a structure. This way of looking at the person in front of us allows us to take a journey backwards in search of the main causes that have gradually triggered all those dysfunctions that eventually generate certain symptoms. Only in this way can the osteopath deal more effectively with the problems that the patient presents to him or her, addressing them with a holistic and causal vision. The close correlation between the vitality and movement of the person is therefore evident.

Training certificate in Massage Technique.

Three-year National Diploma in Bio-natural Disciplines issued by CSEN 2011.

Three-year MASSOFISIOTHERAPY Diploma from the A.Fleming Institute (AN), formerly Enrico Fermi. 2

Osteopath 6 years didactic (I.C.O.M.M.) Director A.J.De Koning seat of Parma (PR)

Kinesio Taping Association (KT1 KT2) Course held by Lecturer Jim Wollis

Chieti Università degli Studi G.D' Annunzio (PE) Expert in manual treatment of degenerative pathologies from cuff lesions to arthrosis Lecturer Dr. G.Porcellini

Porto Potenza Picena (MC) Lumbago to each his role.

Ancona (AN) Rehabilitation manual medicine of peripheral joints Lecturer Dr. Renato Gatto.

Ancona (AN) Traumatology of Sport in the Age of Development.

Corridonia (MC) Caradel diagnostics and rehabilitation First module knee and shoulder Second module spine Lecturer Dr. G.Del Gobbo.

Ancona (AN) Umberto I° Hospital Rehabilitation and traumatology training.

I.C.O.M.M. International College Of Osteopathic Manual Medicine Bracciano (ROME) Internship at the Formello headquarters.

Course in Biodynamic Embryology Metabolic fields in tissue differentiation and development pre- and post-natal, Blechschmidt's metabolic fields Lecturer Brian Frimann

Course: Biodynamics of Birth Rome

Course: Traditional fluid osteopathy with Nicola Di Mattia D.O.

Examination and registration in the R.O.I. Register of Italian Osteopaths

Course in craniosacral biodynamics

Tutor for Osteopathic Physiotherapists and Motor Sciences graduates

Osteopath National Referent A.F.I.ODV Italian Fibromyalgia Association

Lecturer at Universtity Health Science Expert in nutraceutics and integration associated with manipulative techniques

Expert in hygienism and fasting for over 30 years and coordinator of seminars and hygienist groups for detoxification with semi-fasting and other natural hygienic practices

Osteopath of the european motorbike speed championship cev and the sbk world championship supersport 300 category.

Collaborator Dr.Schembri Gerlando Davide Referent of National Guidelines in Nutrition and refresher courses Member of FELCON European Federation of Chiropractic Graduates Osteopathy

Naturopathy Honorary member Kistrucutural Method International

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