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Dott.ssa Alessandra Politi
Dott.ssa Alessandra Politi


. 26/02/2001: Degree in PSYCHOLOGY (CLINICAL AND COMMUNITY), University of Urbino "Carlo Bo", 105/110, with thesis "Autism: family and society", supervisor:   Prof. Franco De Felice;

. 15/05/2002: Refresher course for Handicap Educators (Ancona).

.01/03/2001 to 01/04/2004: employed by Ass.Coop (AN) and work at "Centro Tempo Libero", Day Centre for people with severe psycho-cognitive disabilities, Fano (PU);

01/04/2003: enrolled in the Register of Psychologists of the Marche Region with resolution no. 93/03, Prot. no. 79/NI/2003;

. 01/04/2005: started working as a freelance psychologist;

. 22/03/2006 to 24/11/2007: professional training experience as Psychologist-Psychotherapist at A.S.U.R. - Azienda Sanitaria Unica Regionale Zona Territoriale N.1 - Pesaro, Dipartimento/Distretto Territoriale Materno-Infantile, Via Nanterre Pesaro (PU);

. 26/02/2008 a 15/11/2010: Project and collaboration with the "San Salvatore" Hospital, Pesaro (PU), "The Psychologist in Emergency", at the O.U. of Emergency Medicine, NICU, O.U. Resuscitation (Medical Director Dr. Porfido and Director of Emergency Medicine 

. 01/03/2008: Diploma of Specialisation in Psychotherapy at the "Istituto di Analisi Immaginativa, Scuola Superiore di Formazione Quadriennale in Psicoterapia" (Cremona) with a thesis entitled "Il Bambino delle Arance", supervisor:   Prof. Dr. Silvano Orioli, with a final mark of 50/50;

. 01/03/2008: Expert in relaxation techniques (Autogenic Training and analytically oriented T.A.). Qualification and achievement of qualification as Trainer/Conductor Psychotherapist in Theories and Techniques of Psychotherapy of Relaxation (Autogenic Training of J. H. Schultz) with final mark of 30/30 cum laude; . 17/04/2008 Consent to practise Psychotherapy with Rec. no. 847/I/SP/08 in the Register of Psychologists of the Marche Region;

. 27/04/2020: Participation in the O.P.M. Webinar "Male violence against women: Knowing the dynamics and risk factors", speaker Dr. M. Carlini (criminologist); . 04/05/2020 Participation in the O.P.M. Webinar "Technological addictions at the time of the Corona Virus", speaker Dr. G. Lavenia (President of Di.Te.-National Association of Technological Addictions, GAP, Cyber Bullying)

. 22/06/2020 Participation in the O.P.M. Webinar "Gli scenari della Professione nel post Covid", speaker Dr. F. Torricelli (President ENPAP),

. 05/10/2020 Participation in the O.P.M. Webinar "Il Setting ai tempi del Covid-19: Counselling e Psicoterapia Online", speaker Dr. A. Moscarella;

. 12/10/2020 Participation in the O.P.M. Webinar "Journey into the Mind of Affective Manipulators: The main indicators to recognize them", speaker Dr. R. Bruzzone;

. 19/10/2020 Participation in the O.P.M. Webinar "Mindfulness: A Way to Awareness and Stress Reduction", speaker Dr. A. Archibugi.

. 2020 collaboration with Dr. Schembri and Dr.Renzoni

. 2020 collaboration with Dr.Michele Antonacci Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

. 2021 Member of the multidisciplinary team of the "Benessere in Menopausa" project.

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