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Take care of your intestine and lower your biological age

Take care of your intestine and lower your biological age
May 13, 2021
Stella Scarpa
Take care of your intestine and lower your biological age

With the onset of menopause:
- the risk of constipation increases
- constant abdominal bloating appears

These two phenomena invite us to change our habits and lifestyle. Furthermore, as we enter the post-menopausal phase, we may see a progressive reduction in the efficiency of our microbiota, which therefore needs some extra attention.

But what is intestinal microbiota?

It represents the bacterial population that permanently inhabits our belly. It has been shown that our biological youthfulness is due to the presence of some good bacteria that produce anti-inflammatory substances useful for the heart and prevent heart attacks and strokes, as well as diseases such as diabetes and dementia. We can prolong the state of wellbeing of our whole body by adopting a correct lifestyle; confirmation of this is provided by the discovery, within the colon of some of the healthiest ultracentenarians, of two bacterial strains, Bifidobacteria and Akkermansia, which are usually present more in young subjects, demonstrating, to all intents and purposes, that youth is enclosed in our intestine and is guaranteed by these tiny inhabitants.

How do these precious intestinal bacteria make us young?

  1. They train our immune system by defending us against harmful organisms.
  2. They help burn fat
  3. Reduces inflammation and pain
  4. Reduces anxiety and stress in the brain
  5. Improve and mineralise our bones, preventing menopausal osteoporosis
  6. They defend our cells from free radicals.

How to rebalance the microbiota?

By adopting the lifestyle we promote BENESSERE IN MENOPAUSA, the aesthetic-medical method of getting back into functional shape, registered, to support women from pre- to post-menopause.

Take care of your intestine and lower your biological age

Stella Scarpa


An entrepreneur in the beauty sector, owner of Esteticamente Stella and Stella Scarpa Beauty Personal Trainer, the first anti-ageing centre in the province of Pesaro-Urbino.

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