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Magnesium: an excellent remedy against stress

Magnesium: an excellent remedy against stress
July 14, 2021
Marilena Pomante
Magnesium: an excellent remedy against stress

Magnesium is an essential element for the proper functioning of the body.
It is essential for the metabolism of fats, proteins and sugars, for blood coagulation and the proper functioning of the circulatory system.
It is also essential for the correct functioning of 300 other enzymatic functions.

Its deficiency can cause disorders including mental confusion, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, irritability, intestinal dysfunction and muscular weakness. It is of fundamental importance for the nervous system because it has a sedative effect on nerve cells. In stressful situations, the body uses magnesium in large doses to try to restore calm and tranquillity.

There are times in life when there is a physiological deficiency of magnesium, particularly during the menopause. The hormonal upheaval that a woman undergoes at this delicate time of life very easily leads to irritability, constant tension, pain caused by muscle tension and bone and joint inflammation. If you feel nervous, constipated, achy and unable to sleep well, I advise you to take this supplement.

Magnesium is an effective remedy in cases of stress, it has an almost magical effect on the body and you will be able to feel:

- less tense
- less sore
- your intestine will function properly again

Always remember that the intestine is our second brain and contains 70% of our immunity. Dedicate a few moments each day to diaphragmatic breathing; this will make your body more receptive and enhance its effects by giving it the opportunity to oxygenate the entire abdomen (which contains very important organs) through breathing. Various combinations containing magnesium are available on the market. Our beauty trainers will help you choose.

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Magnesium: an excellent remedy against stress

Marilena Pomante


My name is Marilena Pomante and I have been working in the beauty and wellness sector for 27 years.

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