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Inflammation of the body and cellulite: the solutions

Inflammation of the body and cellulite: the solutions
June 24, 2021
Marilena Pomante
Inflammation of the body and cellulite: the solutions

Today I want to talk to you about a subject that is often underestimated in relation to the physiological state of the organism: INFIAMMATION.
Unfortunately, the inflammatory state is not even recognised by the person himself.

Try to think of it like this:

  • cellulite is inflamed tissue
  • psoriasis, dermatitis, acne is inflamed tissue
  • gastritis, colitis, rhinitis and everything with the suffix ITIS is inflammation.

An inflamed organism has such hormonal and immune responses that it is unable to trigger the correct elimination processes.


The first step, if you really want to eliminate fat, cellulite, wrinkles (and therefore premature ageing), is to DISINFORM the organism.
An example that I always give to clients to make them understand this subject is that if I have an inflammation that brings me acute pain in the head due to a muscular contracture (tensive muscle) of the neck, I will certainly not be able to work on it unless I first rub it with an anti-inflammatory. The organism, using pain as a form of protection, will not give me access to the tissues! In the same way, I will not have access to the deep tissues in an attempt to treat a cellulite if I do not first flush.

Let me tell you what happened to Barbara.
Barbara is a beautiful 47-year-old woman who came to our Centre because the shape of her body did not allow her to feel good and comfortable.
Her bust is narrow and her buttocks and thighs are three sizes too big. In addition, her legs have a cyanotic colour and many bruises. She says it's her prerogative to get bruised for no reason.


Getting to grips with these capillary fragility legs certainly requires a preliminary step! Disinflammation and strengthening the walls of the vessels.
Today Barbara has a much healthier complexion, she no longer has a tendency to haematomas, she has reduced her thighs and buttocks by two sizes and can certainly afford to successfully intervene on the closure of the "broken" capillaries to have an important aesthetic impact!

Diagnosis takes a reasonable time.

Make an appointment with us Team Benessere in Menopausa® for a personalised diagnosis.

We will assess your situation in detail and will be able to tell you if our programmes are right for you to say goodbye to extra kilos for good!

Inflammation of the body and cellulite: the solutions

Marilena Pomante


My name is Marilena Pomante and I have been working in the beauty and wellness sector for 27 years.

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