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Eliminating dysfunctional habits to create new ones.

Eliminating dysfunctional habits to create new ones.
June 23, 2022
Marilena Pomante
Eliminating dysfunctional habits to create new ones.

We are creatures of habit.

Habit can be really functional because it allows us to memorise actions like a real autopilot.

An energy-saving function, I would say, that allows us to perform actions and behaviours better and better with less effort.

The problem arises from the fact that all this makes us lose presence and awareness and reduce everything to an empty, habitual gesture.

The truth is that we are also resistant to change: 'this is how I am, if you accept me .... I cannot change', is a phrase we have said or heard many times.

However, studies on the neuro-plasticity of the brain have shown that we can reprogram it by activating new paths and new habits.

When we talk about habits, most of our behaviour depends on two factors: our environment and our beliefs.

The environment (work, relationships, friends) has a strong impact on maintaining our beliefs and convictions.

Change is much easier when you choose an environment where the new habit you want to memorise is already ingrained as a 'cultural norm'.

When it is said that 'we are the sum of the 3/5 people we hang out with the most', this is what is meant.

The repetition of the new habit you want to acquire will then provide for its memorisation.

It only takes 21 days to integrate it as a new good habit.

Think about this when you want to acquire new good habits (e.g. drink 2 litres of water every day ...walk 30-40 minutes every day): just pay attention to it or make an effort for 21 days, or better 30, and you're done!!!!!

Eliminating dysfunctional habits to create new ones.

Marilena Pomante


My name is Marilena Pomante and I have been working in the beauty and wellness sector for 27 years.

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